Importance of Resume Format And Layout

A resume is something that presents you in front of someone and speaks for you when you can’t even say a word in your favor. This is why your resume should be one of a kind which will introduce you in a way that the reader gets to know the real you. In this process the most important and an essential thing to consider is to choose a perfect format of your resume. The format of a resume includes the number of pages, division of various sections, choosing a font style and writing color and some other elements. It’s not enough that you have great experience and your references will talk you up like a real talented person because you will get to present all that if you get an interview which mainly depends upon the style and format of your resume. To present yourself in the exact way you want, you have to design the resume or arrange various kind of information is such a way that the reader doesn’t have to look deeply for anything or process it harder to find the real purpose of adding such a lengthy paragraph. The trick is that you should create the resume or choose the template by keeping the reader in the mind as you won’t be there to explain it to him or to tell him where to find a specific content. So let your resume show it to him in a way it’s supposed to be and exactly like you will would it to if you were the reader or the employer. There are many formats available for writing a professional resume such as reverse chronological, functional, combination, targeted resume, mini resume and nontraditional resume. All these types vary and used in different circumstances or particular conditions. For example if you have just got your graduation diploma, you can’t choose the professional format because it’s for those who have great experiences or you can’t use chronological format if your employer didn’t ask you about your previous work history. This way you can understand that it’s very important to choose a perfect format and the most suitable layout for your resume. Many of the resumes get rejected not because the applicant doesn’t qualify for the position but because he uses such a format that hides all his qualities and the employer or recruiter just sees the childish or wrong format he used which gets him rejected. No matter how much experience you have, or if you topped the institute you studied in or you have received many awards for your performance and abilities, you can’t convince a recruiter or the employer to hire you if you don’t use the proper format and layout. It’s a common habit that people and especially the recruiter who has to process hundreds of resumes on regular basis, can’t dedicate more than 8 seconds to a resume which is not enough if you want to discuss everything in detail. This is why you have to make various sections or choose a format with separate portions for each kind of information such as basic information, contact details, educational history, previous employment history and skills or abilities you have. This way it’s easier to examine and a reader can understand or find everything in just a single glance..