Advantages Of Video Resumes

Your resume is the first meeting between you and your prospective employer and it ought to be perfect. Today the competition is tough. There would be hundreds of applications for the same job and it is crucial for your resume to get noticed to pass the initial screening. Just crafting a professional three-page resume will not make you stand out from the crowd. These three-page resumes sometimes lie in the bottom of the heap unnoticed, whereas the creative ones get noticed. The audio-video resume is the current hot topic in the market, which is creative, professional and difficult to miss. The video resume is a trend fast catching up and growing with each passing day. A well-made video resume, help you present your selling pints a unique way to the recruiters. Posting these videos is as simple as posting videos on the social media. This resume is immensely beneficial. Let us take a look at the advantages of the video resume: They are unique. The video will certainly make the recruiter curious and he will give it due attention. Thus it is objective achieved. They are creative. They showcase that you have gone extra mile for the job and are seriously interested. The video resume features you introducing yourself. Your personality and skills are visible immediately. You have total control. The video resume is more like the first round of the interview but in a controlled setting. There are no watchful eyes of the interviewer and you can have many takes till you are satisfied. You can put forth your selling points the way you wish, without sticking to any specific format. The recording is simple for this gadget generation. And moreover, you just have to speak about yourself. The employers can see and hear the applicant and can make fast decisions. The employers prefer to go through the video instead of going through the piles of paper resume, as it is more proficient. These are eco-friendly as no paper is used. To conclude, video resumes increases your job chances many folds if done professionally. However, if they are done unprofessionally, they can totally ruin your career.