How Startups Offering Consultancy Services Should Develop Relationship With the Clients?

For the past few years, India has been watching over its growth in the market of business consultancy. As a matter of fact, based on the reports analyzed by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham), the Indian market of Consulting estimated growth of 30% annually to become an industry of about 27,000 crores by the year 2020. And it is majorly due to the constant demand in this field which in turn is resulting in the rising of the Consultancy Services in India. Dealing with a startup of a business consultant in India and abroad is full of hardships and challenges. Bringing in new clients for the offered services becomes the chief motive. Gaining new businesses means handling new projects. However, new projects do not mean gaining new clients but can be gained through the old and existing clients as well. But how to make the clients repeat the business? Apart from the splendid services offered to them and helping their business grow, the best way is to build a strong relationship with them and maintain it. Ways to Build Strong Relations? Certain ways and strategies can help the firms offering business consulting services in India and abroad to build up a bond and maintain a steady relationship with the clients to gain business. 1. COMMUNICATION: All the business consultants in India and overseas should always remember that Communication is the major key in developing the relationship with a client and thereby maintain it efficiently. Proper communication with the client not only enhances the proper understanding of the project requirement but also represents the fact that client satisfaction and feedback is important. They would be able to communicate their ideas properly and comfortably. 2. KNOWLEDGE SHARING: The client needs to understand the area of specialization that a particular business consultant is offering. The client must be aware of the type and process of the work and this can be possible through sharing of knowledge with them. Otherwise, it may affect negatively thereby aiding to the disinterest in the project development. A proper explanation about the ideas and decision on a particular project will enable them to feel more important. 3. OPTIMISTIC ATTITUDE: A professional consultant has innumerable responsibilities and works with lots of pressure. However, to develop and maintain a good relationship with the clients, it is immensely crucial to put up a smiling face and an optimistic attitude in front of the clients despite stress and workloads. Project the confidence and enthusiasm to the clients in the way so that they do the same for the project. 4. PREACH YOUR IDEAS AND OPINIONS: A relationship between a business consultant and a client depends on mutual trust and faith that both have to develop on each other. The client needs to rely on the consultant with the project and similarly, the consultant should be comfortable in preaching the ideas and professional opinions to deliver the best results. Without discussing the ideas and opinions about the project and creating a comfortable zone, the bond between the client and the consultant can never be developed. 5. ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF THE CLIENT AS AN INDIVIDUAL: Although it’s true that the client brings the paycheck for the consulting service but treating the client more than a paycheck can help the business consultants in every possible way. Considering the client as an individual and developing a personal as well as professional relationship will not only help in strengthening the relationship but also bring repeated business. However, building up a personal relationship with a client depends upon the work and the client’s personality type. Developing the relationship with the clients and maintaining it can create an impact in the long run. Considering the client’s nature and then deciding on what’s valuable for the client would be an added help. A note of Thanks or an appreciation note at times for the achieving success can also add up in strengthening the relationship. Norlox Solutions, an India based business consultant believes in mutual trust and developing a client’s relationship as the epitome of success. The entire success of the organization truly depends on client satisfaction which is achieved through great services and building trust and mutual relationship.