Question to Expect During The USA Visa Interview

Any individual who wants to go to USA for study, job, and holiday purpose, he/she needs to apply for a visa. When applying for a USA visa, every applicant has to go through some specific procedures, incorporating attending a visa interview. The applicant should prepare for visa interview questions so that they get visa approval easily. The F-1 student visa is only granted to those candidates who plan to come back to their home country after completing graduation. If you are also trying for student visa for USA, you must contact the professional and reputed immigration consultants so that they can aid you to get through USA student F1 visa Interview successfully. You Need to Prepare for Below Mentioned Questions What are your plans after graduation? Do you have friends or relative currently in the US? Do you want to join job after completing graduation? Do you want to return to your home country? The most critical thing to keep in mind during your USA student F-1 visa interview is to remain calm! Answer all of the questions asked from you by visa interviewer and be open and honest! The candidates who are trying for visitor visa will be asked different questions than those who are applying for student visa. The most commonly asked questions in USA visitor visa interview are as follows. Have a look- Why do you want to travel to the USA? Give the simple and genuine reason behind your travel to USA. Just answer in 2-3lines which clearly explain the reasons behind your visit. Who will you be going with you? When you are preparing for USA visitor visa interview, you will be asked whether you are going alone or with someone. If you will be going with someone, explain your relationship with them. How long will you be staying? The consular officer will have all the information in his hand through your application, but still, he will try to get into the discussion by asking all this. Who is sponsoring your trip? The reason behind to ask this question is to know where your money is coming from. You will be providing your bank account statement to the interviewer, so of course they already have the information regarding your sponsor. Do you have any relatives in the US? This will help them to know if the candidate has the reason to stay in the US. After your answer, the consular officer will come to know that you will not come back to your country once the visa is about to expire. Who will take care of your house, property or family when you are not in the country? This is amongst the most common visa interview questions. You will have to tell the consular about the people who will look after your kids and property. Also, tell your relationship with those persons. What is your profession in your home country? Talk to them about your work and business. Be as specific as possible. Tell the questioner about the organization or institution you work for. Visit: