Top 5 Jobs In The Corporate World That Require Fluent Communication Skills In English

Effective and fluent communication skills in English are important for our personal lives. It helps in eliminating distrust or misunderstanding and calming down strained relationships. In workplaces too, the ability to speak in English is vital for performing various operations of an organization. There are certain jobs where speaking fluently and flawlessly is mandatory. We’ve put together a list of top 5 jobs where knowing English and communicating fluently with it is indispensable. Counselor The demand of counselors are growing especially in the education sector. The job is an exciting one with her/him offering expert advice and tips regarding careers to the candidates. Counselors are also required for solving personal issues. Therefore a good command over the language is the primary skill for a job as a Counselor. If a counselor is not confident with her/his speaking abilities or perhaps feels nervous while interacting, then she/he should go for a spoken English course in Kolkata. Business development manager One of the vital positions in an organization is business development manager. A Business Development manager, works as a high-level sales professional and brings new clients while retaining the older ones. In a nutshell, the job is simple and that is to grow and expand the business. To keep healthy relationships with clients, this mostly requires socialization. She/he has to chat with clients over telephones to sending those emails or newsletters, fluency in English is vital to thrive in the competitive job market. HR manager HR is the backbone of any company and plays myriad roles and responsibilities in an organization. It is she/he who formulates administrative policies, evaluates & reviews the performance of the staff, addresses the strategic needs of a business, plans corporate training programs, undertakes the interview process and hires the suitable candidates for different positions after interactions. For performing all these tasks efficiently, fluent communication skills are mandatory. A spoken English course in Kolkata would certainly help her/him to improve her/his English speaking skills and give boost to her/his career. Candidates will learn business correspondence, composing emails, and write formal letters with zero spelling mistakes and mispronunciations. Customer care agent Every organization irrespective of its nature or size hires customer care agents to deal with international clients. A Customer Care agent, is primarily responsible to communicate with customers and disseminate information about company’s products and services, improve their buying experiences and address to their grievances. She/he plays a critical role in providing an interface between customers and the company. For such a job, where human interaction dominates, a sound command over English is a must. Inbound or outbound voice process Those who are into inbound or outbound voice process have to take calls from domestic and international clients. They are assigned with the tasks of addressing to their queries and grievances politely. There is no way they can stumble or stammer or speak incorrect English. In such a spoken English course in Kolkata would help them immensely. They will get conversational English lessons to excel in their respective job roles at an organization. Marketing manager A marketing manager is a vital post which demands excellent communication skills to interact with various customers and deal with the subordinates. She/he has to identify new business opportunities too which requires impeccable English speaking skills. To conclude, communication is crucial for performing daily operations in an organization. It is a key asset for managers, employees, employers and other work forces. In today’s competitive job scenario, if a person is weak in conversational English, she/he has no chance to establish a career in the corporate world. Hence, undertaking spoken English course in Kolkata is a must. Join IITT Language Academy & opt for the course for a bright future ahead.