How Technology Has Enhanced And Enriched Early Childhood Education? An In-depth Analysis

It is needless to say teachers should create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning, where students get the opportunity to acquire knowledge and use information from various sources. Education like other area of human activity also undergoes evolution. Modern day childhood education has extended beyond classroom lectures and books. It revolves around using technology with which educators adopt innovative teaching methods and students look forward to a stimulating digital learning experience. Technology in childhood education is a potent resource that induces cognitive development and lifelong learning. The accessibility of digital study materials and content in websites, use of apps and online quizzes have enriched childhood education beyond imagination. To know precisely about the role of technology in childhood education, teachers must go for an early childhood care and education courses. Role of apps in childhood education In this tech-savvy world, when technology blends with education, it turns out to be a powerful source of learning. With the advent of app, the accessibility to digital educational content from anywhere has become a reality. It seems the world is at the fingertips. Learning is a continuous process for students and now e learning has taken over with traditional books and lectures taking a backseat. Every app on mobiles possesses a unique feature that offers a stimulating learning experience to the students. They are inclined to this kind of learning with eBooks, library and book search apps becoming prominent and sought-after. Teachers have also benefitted with the introduction of mobile apps in childhood education. They can integrate fun elements in studies to engross the little learners in studies and improve their academic performance and productivity. Teachers can bring forward their innovative teaching methods and integrate technology in education. For more information on how technology has positively impacted teaching, they should undertake early childhood care and education courses. With e learning facilities children can take the classes at the convenience of their homes via live and recorded videos and audios and learn at their own pace. Online quizzes help in honing skills and increasing knowledge of children With multiple-choices quizzes in e learning, teachers can engross and children in studies and enable them to retain more information. Teachers can also evaluate their knowledge. An online quiz is a valuable learning tool and offer several benefits like improving concentration levels in children, recognize gaps in knowledge and build self-confidence. Most importantly children find them interesting and full of fun. They often consider reading textbooks and homework assignments to be boring activities, so by introducing quizzes in the e learning curriculum educators can make students more engaged in academics. Perhaps online quizzes have another advantage which is often overlooked by parents and that is they prepare kids for advanced learning or higher level in their learning. It means children when they enter into secondary education stage can easily excel in the advanced learning modules be it language, social science, mathematics and others. Studies demonstrate that online quizzes help in revision of subjects. It reveals that playing quizzes help little learners in revising the main points they have learnt and enable them to memorize the lessons more than reading. It can be any subject. To know how online quizzes help in the education and acquisition of skills in kids, teachers must enroll in early childhood care and education courses. It will give them a fair idea about how dynamic technology is and the ways they enhance the learning experience of children. Early childhood care and education courses will teach educators ways and strategies to integrate technology in academics for little learners. It will help them in making students advanced and intellectual. Join Institute of International Teachers Training (IITT) and gear up for a dream career in early childhood teaching. Get 100% placement assistance after completing the course.